Inspections/Audit Checklist & Report

This module allows for the creation of customized Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental management inspections and audit checklists assisting companies to confirm compliance to internal, customer, market, legal and other requirements irrespective of the type of industry, size or complexity of the organisation. The CAR module (see link) is integrated in the Checklist which automatically generates notifications and captures related statistical data. 

Checklists can also be easily configured to select already set non-conforming act/conditions completing your appraisal exercise in a more user-friendly and complete manner.

Corrective Action Request

The Corrective Action Request application is a robust and versatile solution involving a three-step process covering the complete CAR management cycle:

Step 1 – Initiate and Communicate corrective action requests 
Step 2 – Reply and Take Action on corrective action requests 
Step 3 – Follow Up & Closure of corrective action requests

The CAR Module is a robust application for the management and control of Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental non-conforming conditions providing HSEQ Executives with a single, integrated CAR system.

Corrective Action Requests may be initiated through the following channels:

  • Site, Facilities, Plant & Equipment, Accessories, Safety Equipment and other Inspections
  • Internal & External Audits
  • HSEQ Management Documentation Reviews
  • Management Review Meetings
  • Emergency Drills Exercises
  • Customer Complaints
  • Stop Order / Enforcement Notice – Authority
  • Internal Observation Programmes or Suggestion Schemes
  • Others

The CAR module allows you to take photos or upload files on the go. Photos and documents are uploaded as objective evidence of a non-conforming act/situation or as proof of corrective actions.

The CAR Module also notifies the responsible person for taking corrective actions and continues to monitor the implementation progress up to closing out each CAR. In addition, the application presents Key Performance Indicators related to:

  • CAR Response and Closure Time
  • CAR Quantities and Severity
  • CAR Channels
  • CAR By Project/Process/Department

Incident Reporting and Investigation

This module deals with reporting and investigation of incidents, enabling professionals to quickly and easily identify the root cause of the problem.

The incident report is sent to the HSEQ Executive who in turn reviews and provides the necessary guidelines and way forward. 

The Incident Reporting solution provides a graphical representation of various key performance indicators such as Lost Time Incident Rates, Days/Hours without Lost Time Incident among others.

Training Module

Our Training application provides a robust solution for all aspects of HSEQ Training from:

  • Identification of Training Needs
  • Developing Training Programmes
  • Scheduling of Training Programmes
  • Issue Training Invitations
  • Access and Retrieve Presentations and Training Material
  • Create Multiple Choice Test Exercises
  • Issue of Certificates and Identification Cards

The Training application enables the development of a training matrix addressing HSEQ training needs for various positions/designations within an organisation. 

This caters for the development of internal and external training sessions/courses defining training programme outline, objectives, target audience, duration, trainer and location. 

The application also facilitates the scheduling process or training programmes onto the Training Calendar where Trainers and Locations are booked, and participants are automatically issued with a Training Invitation listing the training subject, location, service provide and seat reservation number. 

Once the Training Calendar is set, the system is ready for issuing Training Invitations to newly-engaged employees.

The Training Module also provides a post-training test to assess the knowledge-level of new employees. This is a simple multiple choice test which can be tailored to suit any organisation’s needs.


Event Calendar

The Event Calendar module is a user-friendly application enabling HSEQ Executives to plan, book, announce, monitor, and keep track of all routine and non-routine HSEQ events. 

The application simplifies the scheduling of resources and announcements of various HSEQ Events throughout the year such as:

  • Construction Site and Facility Inspections
  • Equipment/Plant Inspections
  • Internal & External Audits
  • Management System Review Meetings
  • Management System Documentation Reviews
  • HSEQ Training 
  • Emergency Drills
  • Issue of HSEQ Department Article for newsletter

Once events are set on the calendar, the system is programmed to notify relevant personnel, book event locations and issue e-mail invitations to attend the event. 

The calendar application also provides for reporting feedback on the event enabling HSEQ Executives can monitor the progress of each project.

The platform also provides detailed graphical statistics of Key Performance Indicators and other important company level data in real time.

Risk Assessments

The Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment module is a simple automated solution for the development of quantitative Risk Assessment documents within various activities as in

  • Construction Projects
  • Production Lines
  • Service Operations
  • Locations and Areas

Each Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment record requires

  • Unique HIRA Number
  • Description of activity being assessed
  • The applicability of HIRA
  • Generic
  • Project Specific, Product Line Specific, Service Specific
  • The category of specific Hazards within the activity being assessed:
  • Material
  • Machinery
  • Methods
  • Process
  • Area/Location


The HIRA process involves:

  • Identifying Hazards and effects
  • Identifying the people that might be at harm
  • Evaluation of the risk index (Severity/Probability)
  • Establishing the risk level (Tolerable/Moderate/Intolerable)
  • Identification of mitigation/control measures
  • Evaluation of the residual risk index(Severity/Probability)
  • Establish the residual risk level (Tolerable/Moderate/Intolerable)
  • Identification of Applicable Regulations
  • Identification of Minimum PPE Requirements
  • Identification of Safety Equipment Requirements

The HIRA Solution also provides for the tracking of yearly reviews by responsible personnel.

Product / Project Realization documentation

This module is developed for the control of Product Realization Documentation.  It is designed to register various kinds of documentation such as:

  • Project Timing Plans (Gantt Chart)
  • Drawings & Specs
  • Method Statements
  • Operating Instructions
  • Process Layouts
  • Inspection & Test Plans (Quality Control Plans)
  • HSE Plans
  • Forms

The above product realization documentation applies to the planning, execution and reporting on specific

  • Construction Projects
  • Production Lines
  • Services
  • Permanent Locations
  • Departments


The control mechanisms included in this module caters for

  • Registration of new documents
  • Client/Management Approval Process
  • Distribution
  • Changes/Amendments and Re-issues
  • Updates Notifications


This module ensures that all only the latest issue of Product/Project Realization Documentation are available online any time. 

Once Product Realization documentation are approved, they are uploaded on the system and shall be marked as ‘Issued for Construction’ of ‘Issued for Production’ accordingly.  The documents will also be identified as ‘Uncontrolled Copy’ in a non-editable format (pdf) except for Forms, which are to be used and completed in line of work.