Health & safety app to help restore construction industry’s reputation, launched

A new health and safety mobile application, HSEQutive, has been launched with the aim to help rebuild the construction industry’s reputation through increased accountability and to revolutionise health and safety practices on construction sites.

The app was launched on Thursday by Patrick Parnis, of Parnis & Associates.

During the launch at the Malta Chamber of Commerce building, it was explained that HSEQutive is a cloud-based solution;

  • to facilitate the health and safety inspection process
  • eliminate time spent writing reports after the inspection
  • ensure robust monitoring and measuring mechanisms are in place to evaluate a construction site’s overall safety performance

Reference was made to statistics published by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, which show that the largest number of complaints from the public are related to construction and are mainly focused on the industry’s culture of lack of care when it comes to integrating occupational health and safety into projects resulting in noise, dust and, of course, accidents.

Patrick Parnis who developed the application, HSEQutive, has endless functionalities and it can be tailor-made to serve all industries. The following are some of the functions available through the app;

  • Inspection Checklist Module
  • Correction Action Request
  • Incident Report Module
  • HSEQ Risk Assessments and
  • Training Module

The President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, David Xuereb said that the Chamber is honoured to be part of this launch and described the app as innovative, reliable and forward-looking. Xuereb said that any contractor of goodwill will definitely find this application as useful. He also said that it is time for the construction industry to take a step forward as it is one of the industries that contributes to jobs creation and therefore it must be made accountable for its work and sustainable.

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