What is HSEQutive?

HSEQutive is an innovative, automated, transperant cloud-based solution providing a new holistic approach for the Management of Health & Safety in the Construction Industry.

The global economy is continuously changing and Malta is no exception. As one of the main pillars of the economy, the construction industry must be more dynamic and prepared to embrace change and face the challenges that comes along with it.

Statistics show that Health and Safety on construction sites is one of the key focus areas that needs to be addressed.

More than ever before, the public and private sector must work together to find a practical solution.

HSEQutive is a new innovative approach towards a safer construction industry in Malta and Gozo.

This automated solution will introduce a new holistic approach for the control of construction site Health and Safety whilst adding value to compliance management.

The HSEQutive concept is built specifically to cater for the current needs of the country having 3 modular phases :

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