New app ‘HSEQutive’ aims to improve safety and restore construction industry’s reputation

HSEQutive, a new mobile application based system which was launched on Thursday morning, is aiming to revolutionise the health and safety practices on construction sites and help rebuild the industry’s reputation by increasing accountability.

The app was designed by Patrick Parnis, founder of Parnis & Associates, who after years of working in the industry, wanted to develop a cloud-based solution to facilitate the health and safety inspection process and eliminate one of the biggest issues which is time wasted spent on downloading, printing and writing applications and reports.

“Previously we downloaded, printed, scanned reports, which took a lot of time and process, time which could be saved and focused on implementing better health and safety regulations on constructions sites,” said Parnis during the launch of the HSEQutive app at the Chamber of Commerce.

The app focuses on:

–        Facilitating the health and safety inspection process

–        Eliminating time spent writing reports after the inspection

–        Updating and informing all stakeholders with a real-time picture of the performance of the site

–        Robustly monitoring and measuring mechanisms are in place to evaluate the construction site’s overall safety performance

The app has an easy-to-use interface to conduct health and safety compliance inspections, issue reports, and corrective action requests. The app also has a ‘dashboard’ of data collection and graphical statistics where key performance indicators are set, including compliance levels on site, the number and severity of corrective action requests, just to name a few.

Parnis explained that the new app will help all stakeholders to keep a track record of what is needed on the construction site and have a compliance level of the site itself. He said that all stakeholders, construction site managers, developers, safety supervisors can access the app in real time and at any time.

He said that he hopes that the HSEQutive app could be the driving force to change the situation of the construction industry and win back the public’s confidence. “The app is to safeguard not just those on site, but also individuals and families which live next to such sites, and hopefully this app will improve the situation and the industry’s reputation.”

An app to improve efficiency and reliability to the construction industry

Speaking during the press conference, Chamber of Commerce President David Xuereb said that the construction industry in Malta was in need of a serious dose of regulation and uplift in reputation. He said it was an honour that the Chamber is part of the launch, and described the app to be “innovative, reliable and holistic”.

“It is refreshing and encouraging seeing that industry leaders, such as Parnis & Associates, are bringing in years of experience, knowledge, intelligence and technology to Malta in an effort to efficiently and reliably assisting serious developers, contractors and professionals improve their actions and decision-making on a construction site.”

Courtesy of the Malta Independent 29/10/2020.